Is it worth it? Does it matter?

heart-wood-love-wooden-161711Do you ever wonder if what you do makes a difference?  As a mom to four kids, I could take this many different directions. As toddlers, their personalities were all very different (and still are, actually) and what might influence one would not begin to sway another. Just when I would feel confident in a particular area, the next kid would come along and challenge any ounce of confidence I had established. The breakthrough moments though, were priceless and made me appreciate the effort of attempting to figure out how each one would hear and respond.  It was worth it. It mattered.

I wonder this same thing with my writing. I recognize my own burden to write and express myself… but who’s really listening? Does it matter if anyone reads or listens? Am I just writing it for me? There are so many opinions and voices out there, and who am I to think anyone needs or wants to know what I’m going through or how I feel about something? I have to look at it more as a response of obedience to this calling of sorts. God has given me something to say or at least something to think… so maybe it’s meant for more than me. If I don’t follow through, then I may always wonder what could have been.  If I stick with it and keep writing out these different stories or thoughts, then maybe someONE will connect. If that connection brings any value to a situation or spurs someone else on to respond in obedience to the promptings in their life, then it will have been a blessing. It will be worth it. I will matter.

God uses these desires or “day dreams” as a way of stretching us. But we can become our own biggest obstacle with self-doubt! Have you wanted to learn a new skill or take on a new hobby? Do you see someone else being successful at something and wish you had the time? Do you feel like it’s too late to begin something new? Will it be worth your time to try? I encourage you to ask these people some questions. Read up on it. Whatever your thing is… DO IT! You will really never know how or if it will fit into your life until you do. And what you have to offer, might be the very thing someone next to you needs to receive. THAT would be worth it! That would matter!

I am the queen of over-thinking, so trust me when I say… I can come up with lots of reasons why something won’t work or why I just don’t have time.  But, I am also wired to be optimistic in all things, so my over-thinking mixed with the belief it will all somehow work out creates a whirlwind of thoughts and ideas, but does not always spur action (for me!). If you too, get stuck in your thoughts and struggle with the action part, let’s join together in spirit! I’d love to encourage you! In my new season of action, in these areas I previously put off, I am working to overcome doubt. I am choosing to see where God has called me and equipped me, and I will keep trusting him. I am listening to the people around me and receiving their compliments or encouragement… this isn’t always easy. I want YOU to do the same thing! Don’t keep your dream to yourself… put it out there! Let God show you the way! Let people give you the confirmation you need. Journal your thoughts or the answers to these questions: Where does your mind wonder when you dream of your future? What thoughts occupy your brain when you’re the most relaxed? What dreams seem the most “unreachable” or you’ve allowed yourself to believe you just don’t have time to pursue? If it’s important, you’ll find the time. If it’s from God, it will succeed.  When you are doing what you were created to do, you shine with satisfaction and inspire others to do the same. Let’s stop thinking about the “somedays” and do what we were made to do today! It could change your path… or possibly, someone else’s.

The answer is YES! It is worth it! It does matter!

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