Better together


I LOVE when truth comes out of the mouth and heart of my kids, and they don’t even know how impactful it is when they say it. Tonight, my daughter was telling me about running the mile with a friend. Neither of them really look forward to this required school activity, but on this particular day they chose to stick together and “encourage each other.” By doing so, they both set new personal bests!

Then she said this… “It is amazing how much better we do when we do something with a friend. Like, we aren’t alone, and when one of us wants to quit, the other one encourages her to keep going. We both did better because we weren’t trying to do it alone.”

As her words kept coming, one after the other, I found a smile warming my face. THIS is exactly how we are meant to do life! Not alone. Not discouraged. Not overwhelmed. But together. Encouraged. Believing we can do it, even if it’s only because someone else believes in us. It is truly a gift when we partner up with the right encourager. I am blessed to have a handful of people for different areas of my life that I naturally gravitate to per situation or challenge…. as though God draws us together to bring out the best in each of us.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” 1 Thes. 5:11a (NIV)

Our enemy wants nothing more than to get us alone and let us talk ourselves out of striving for our best. When we withdraw from the crowd and hide in our dark places, we cannot possibly do our best. But out in the daylight, side by side or arm in arm with an excited partner, there’s no place for doubt or defeat. I needed to hear this little reminder tonight, and I am trusting someone else needed it to. I hope it is read with a spirit of “I’m right here with you… let’s do this thing together!”

Who knows, we might just set a new personal best!



  • Diana

    This brings me such joy because it is so very true! We are meant to encourage and bring out the best in each other! Love it!

  • Dawn Krivitz

    Wow! Lessons from a child! After reading this, I just want to go out and encourage somebody!!

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